Avicii + Adrian Lux + Calvin Harris – Fade Back Into Bromance Crimes – Jofri House Remix Mashup

Hi my friend.

Okay so I haven’t written in this blog in forever. I actually moved to San Francisco and started a video blog instead, you can find it here:
The Viking Vlog
I will try to write more here in the future!

I’ve also done a new remix, download link below :)


Mp3 Download: Fade Back Into Bromance Crimes – Jofri
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Thanks for all the support guys!


I bought a new lens yesterday, a Sigma 30mm F/1.4! It will be needed when I want to shoot wide and dark scenes, it is very light sensitive. I love it already.

In other news, I had my first “Think Media” class today and apparently my teacher has a Harvard degree and went in the same age bracket as Bill Gates and others big names. Nothing surprises me anymore.



Times are changing.

The first week has been incredibly fun. We have already managed to churn out our first marketing campaign and I have met many new fun people. I’m still struggling with the asia recap movie and a lot of other things so my time hanging out here is limited which is a shame. Guess there will be more blogging in January… :)

I’ve spent the day watching Rasmus play football and said goodbye to Tobbe who is flying to Umeå tomorrow. Times are changing.

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First & second day at Berghs School of Communication

Today was the second day at my new school called Berghs. I guess I’ll tell you a little about both days and I already know that my time for projects will be limited.

The first day consisted of an introduction, a meet & greet with all the teachers, met the class and everything feels so … Different. The teachers are young and interesting, classmates are all social, nothing seems to be right or wrong and you decide what you can make use of. Every thought in this place applies to me somehow…

Today we already got started on a project that will be finished on Friday. 2:d year students at Bergh did 3 assignments and presented them as a show with great fanfare, I could not stop laughing.

Me and the group I’ve been assigned in will work on one of the projects. The group is made up of people from every subject in the building and are ordinary people from 20 to 28 years old which all eventually turns out to be for example olympic high jumpers, Shop-owners, incredibly talented graphic designers and so on.

Everything is totally weird. I love it.


It’s done.

So yesterday, me and friends were invited to a barbecue at Marcus and the evning ended in one of Stockholm’s nighclubs. Really fun night, pretty random haha. Tomorrow we will drive to Tobbes countryside-house and be there for a couple of days :)

Btw YAY! A few typos and some bad grammar, but otherwise … It is finished. The website for my and my friends’ advertising bureau! Programming takes such long time, especially if one is to adapt it for smartphones too. But now it’s finished anyway and I’m happy, what do you think about it?

View it here!

Ps. If something is buggy or doesn’t work, write a comment and I’ll fix it :)



Today has been a “chill” day after Hannah’s birthday party, which was designed as a truly wonderful old 90′s bash with balloons, games, the Swedish “fishpond” (fishing for candy behind a blanket) and Dr. Bombay scatting out of the speakers. Thanks for a super fun night. I also tried to get a glimpse of Tenacious D which played at Grönalund, however the park closed down 4 hours before the concert do to their people limit. Me and Oscar took the opportunity to see it all as a nice walk in the sunshine instead.

It is also only a week left until I start at Berghs and I’m incredibly psyched about it. Have some small projects left but that’s not a problem. Prepare yourselves, autumn is coming.

Tenacious D, as much humor as music. Jack Black at his best. And that Foofighters Dave Grohl plays Satan in this particular film is also quite skewed.

We don’t speak americano ♫

A late post AGAIN but if you have an American at your house the time for social media  is limited. The weekend has been a blast with Swedish food, Swedish experiences and Swedish comparisons with California. Activities of the week have included the archipelago, “Sandhamn”, meatballs, beer-drinking, castle tours and other super Swedish stuff.

It’s fun to talk to Jacob about all differences between San Diego and Stockholm and learn that there are just as many similarities. I’m getting more and more psyched about moving to California with every day that passes. Today will be doing some souvenir-hunting, a Swedish “fika” with relatives and then we’ll see what the evening has to offer.



Ps. I was at my cousin Carolina Danielssons wedding last Saturday! (Now: Carolina Dahlöf haha) Congrats, It was beautiful and you two are so wonderful together!


U, s and a.

As you may already know, I was accepted into Bergh’s School of Communication in Stockholm where I first study one term of advertising and then move to San Francisco (in January). There, I will study a “bachelor of fine arts”, a 3-year long education consisting of both advertising, marketing and film-courses. This is really the only thing I want to do right now, I’m so freakin excited. I will also be close (by air) to all my “paradises” like Cupertino (Silicon Valley), Hollywood, Mammoth and of course Las Vegas for the funzies.

The fun of planing ahead is that I immediately begin to discover how much family and friends I got around the States. By a funny coincidence, one of my relatives from San Diego named Jacob flew to Sweden on Holliday this summer and will be staying with us for a week. Never met the guy, but after some beer with mutual friends I realize how comfortable I will feel in the US. To leave Sweden behind me for a while will be fun and there is some things I want to change in this weird piece of land.

So yea, woke up at some American friends today that had an apartment in Östermalm. Got some bacon, French toast and some scrambled eggs as breakfast. And I can’t stop speaking English. Kind of fun.

When I started the blog my goal was to keep you as a reader next to me on my journey towards my dream career. Time to hang on, now stuff it is really happening :)


Picture of my dad (To the right) taking a quick trip around the field with Jacob and Mike earlier yesterday.P1530728


Yay, yet another project… Please, somebody stop me.
This time I’m designing a new digital distribution platform, like “Steam” or “Origin” but for smaller indie-games, especially horror ones. I’ll release a Beta later, stay tuned for more info! :)

Btw, Pewdz does a stream tonight (a late one instead of last Sunday) so check it out!